Franco Marino Cagnina

Argentinian industrial designer, artist, and interior architect.

Franco was born in San Luis – Argentina.
In 2003 he obtained his degree in Industrial Design from School of Industrial Design and Architecture at the University of Córdoba, Argentina and received his Postgraduate degree in Executive Management from the Catholic University of Córdoba in 2006.

From 2004 until 2006 he and his partner founded Ideomatik in Córdoba, Argentina. As an entrepreneur he was able to manage, design and market his products and projects. In 2007 WINNTECH, a design firm located in Kansas City, MO, recruited him as an Industrial Designer. After two years working for Winntech, Franco becomes the Director of the Industrial Design Department and worked for two more years under that roll.

In 2010 he joined TEAGUE, a design firm located in Seattle, WA, as a Senior Industrial Designer in the Aviation Studio.

He has worked for major international companies such as Target, Walmart, Sirius, Sony, Boeing, AT&T, Denon, BP, Monster, Movistar and Best Buy among others.
His work has been published on some of the most important design publications in South America, North America, Europe and Asia.

He lives and works in Seattle.